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lecture analysis

Let’s Read: Trust in God 

In this article, I will be analysing the lecture titled “Trust in God”. You can read the original here. . WHO IS GOD? One of the basic things that Neville teaches is that we cannot look for God on the outside. We have to look…

lecture analysis

Let’s Read: Brazen Impudence 

In this article, I will analyse the lecture Brazen Impudence. This is one of my absolute favourites. Before reading this post, do read the original script here. The things I write in this article are just my own interpretations that could help you understand the lecture…

lecture analysis

Let’s Read: Fundamentals (Revised) 

In this article we will look into the article that Neville wrote for the INTA bulletin. The article is called Fundamentals. In it, Neville talks about the three fundamental steps in conscious manifesting: Self-Observation, Definition and Detachment. The first step towards the change and towards…