In this article, I will be analysing the lecture titled “Trust in God”. You can read the original here.



One of the basic things that Neville teaches is that we cannot look for God on the outside. We have to look for him in ourselves. He starts this lecture with the following parable:

“Speaking to God, Moses asked: ‘When I go to the people of Israel and tell them that the God of our fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob sent me, and they ask me your name, what shall I tell them?’ Then God replied: ‘Say this, I AM has sent me to you. This is my name forever. Thus shall I be known throughout all generations.’ Here we discover God’s name to be I AM, the same name you use when you identify yourself! Now I ask you, do you believe in that God?”

Neville gets straight to the point right away and makes it clear that when he speaks of God, he speaks of our own I AMness. He speaks of our own awareness.

It is easy to forget this if you have been raised to think of God as somebody outside of you, an outer power, a higher power that grants you your desires or generally, decides about your destiny and the paths you take in life. Most of us have been raised to believe in this higher power. This higher power is represented to us as the power that knows what is best for us and only if that power allows us to experience certain things, can we experience them.

If you are new to Neville’s teachings, the idea of ‘God housed within you’ may be strange to you, even uncomfortable. That is perfectly normal. Shedding off our old limiting beliefs is not always comfortable. Coming to certain realizations may not always feel freeing at first. Getting out of our comfort zones can be painful at times but it would certainly be even more painful to remain ignorant of the great power housed within you.

So you see, it is not some outside power, some outside God, some creature more intelligent than you, an omnipotent creature that decides what you are going to experience. It is you, yourself. You experience things that are aligned with your current subconscious programming, with your current subconscious impresses. It’s not some outside power deciding things for you. It is your own subconscious, but most of these decisions are based on the subconscious programming that was done unintentionally and unconsciously. By now, you already know this, and you are likely here to learn how to change this. But, as you get into it and start working on bringing about the change in your attitude and your programming, remember this:

“There is no other God, other than he who is housed within you. When you say, ‘I am’ you are speaking God’s name, the God I ask you to trust – for there is no other. We are told to, ‘Make no graven image unto me.’ If you make an image out of marble or metal in the shape of another and worship it, you have created a false God.”

As you awaken to your true potential, you will discover that the power has been inside you all along. This is not some affirmation that you have to do. You don’t go around repeating, “I am God”. Such an action would likely be futile for most people. You discover the Truth through experience and you create experiences through imagination.



“Scripture tells us to love God because he first loved us, and that we should imitate him as a dear child. How is this done? By falling in love! Whether you desire wealth, fame, health, or marriage, you must fall in love with the state.”

I believe this is one of my favourite analogies that Neville has ever shared. Why? Because it actually gives us the insight into what it’s like to shift into the state in which we desire to be.

Have you ever fallen in love? Or even just had a crush? Normally, your thoughts will change. You will look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. While that is not a requirement when it comes to conscious manifesting, it is something that can help you see how similar these things are.

When you are in love, when you first start dating somebody, you are focused on the positive aspects of that person, a positive future with them, a positive relationship. We’ve all seen stories from people who have been together for a while and only then started having problems. It all seems so easy and perfect in the beginning, doesn’t it?

Well, what if you could feel that way about your desire? What if you could be so entrenched in this new story, the story of the fulfillment of your desire that you wouldn’t care for much else?

Let’s say you are manifesting wealth. Well, go into your imagination, see yourself as wealthy. Explore that feeling. Doesn’t it feel wonderful that you can purchase whatever you want to purchase? Doesn’t it feel wonderful that you can help others with your money? Doesn’t it feel wonderful not to have to worry about your bills and if you’re going to have enough money for the groceries this month? Experience that sense of freedom that comes from this story. Fall in love with it by allowing yourself to fully indulge yourself in it.

Now, of course, you may find yourself returning to the old story after a while. This is where the persistence comes in. You have to enter the imaginal scene again and again, and after a while, you will find that you really are behaving the way you would behave if you would have fallen in love: your thoughts change, you think from the end naturally, you don’t spiral, you don’t react to seemingly negative circumstances, you reach Sabbath.

“Remember: you have only one lover, only one husband. He is your own wonderful Human Imagination, called God. It is he who gives you everything you fall in love with. But if you pray to a little statue made by human hands you are serving a false God.”



“One day you will know that this world, which seems so real, is a dream. That you were never a rich, poor, white, or black man, as these were only states you dreamed when you entered the state called Abram to become Abraham, the father of multitudes.”

Everything that we experience in this world is a consequence of our states. We move through states all the time. States are eternal. We cannot be in one state and not experience the consequences of not being in another state. Your desires are also based on your states. You wouldn’t desire something that you already have, therefore, you find yourself in the state of lack and while in that state, you experience the desire to experience or to have something that you do not possess in that moment.

“Asleep to your true identity, you are dreaming the horrors of life for a divine purpose. ‘Only through many tribulations will you enter the kingdom of heaven.’ (Acts 14)”

I wrote above that you come to the Truth through experiences. You come to the realization that this great power is housed within you through a persistent and consistent application of the law. However, most of us were led to the law and even Neville’s teachings because we experienced something difficult in our lives: being left by our SPs, not being able to pay our bills, struggling to regain our health or dealing with a problem that concerns another person in our life but it also, indirectly, concerns us.

This is why you are told that only through tribulations you will enter the kingdom of heaven. Tribulations led us to discover the law and by adopting it as a lifestyle, we will experience the promise.

But do not concern yourself too much with the tribulations, or at least the cause of them because:

“Everything in your world can be traced back to your own wonderful human imagination, who is God.”

No matter what you are going through, you have techniques at your disposal that can help you deal with it and get over it. Techniques such as revision can work miracles. You can choose to revise the moment in which something first seemingly “broke down” or you can use SATS to visualize or affirm that things are already the way you want them to be. Both imply that you have overcome the tribulation, whatever it may be.


Until the next time, I leave you with these words from Neville:

“Put your trust in God’s name. Knowing what you want, believe that your assumption will make it a fact. Believe that you need no one on the outside to aid you, for all things are possible to God. Assume things are as you want them to be, for an assumption, persisted in will harden into fact!”