Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

After a long hiatus, I’m finally back and I have some news for you all. If you are subscribed to my newsletters, then you already know about my new schedule of posting but if you are not, then you will be informed about it in this post. However, if you want to be able to submit suggestions for my future posts and podcast episodes ahead of time, subscribe to the newsletter because from now on, those of you that are subscribed will be able to submit topics, as well as questions, by replying to the newsletter directly.

My new schedule will look like this:

  • Podcast series Thinking Fourth Dimensionally – 1 episode per month.
  • Podcast series The Operant Power – 1 episode by-weekly. 
  • Blog post series Let’s Read – 1 post per month.
  • Shorter blog posts – no set schedule. 

As you probably noticed, I will be doing two new series of podcasts episodes. Thinking Fourth Dimensionally will be a series in which I will choose the topic myself. I will cover topics into more detail. The episodes will be long, around 30 minutes. The first episode will be about SATS and it’s coming in a couple of days.
The Operant Power series will have shorter episodes, up to 10 minutes in length. It will cover questions that I receive from you guys, as well as some more commonly asked questions on Reddit.

And you can now contribute as well! You can send me topics for the series The Operant Power by replying to the newsletter directly or by submitting them here. You will also be able to submit your suggestions for the blog posts in the same manner, as well as suggestions for which of the Neville’s lectures I should cover next, in the series Let’s Read.
Another way in which you can contribute is by sending me questions for the Thinking Fourth Dimensionally series. Each episode in this series will have a Q&A session at the end. I will send a newsletter each month, announcing which topic I am covering next. You will be able to submit your questions by replying to the newsletter directly or by submitting them here. Please do not submit requests for this particular series at this point in time.

A long time ago, I also announced that I will be launching the ‘Manifestation Buddies’ programme on this blog. Well, the time has come! On the page “Services”, you can find a link “Manifestation Buddies Programme”. After filling out the form and submitting your information, you will be paired up with another person, who will be your accountability buddy. Please read my guidelines before joining.
Because this blog is dedicated to Neville Goddard’s teachings and I have a lot to thank this man when it comes to my own achievements in life, I will only be considering candidates that are strictly following Neville’s teachings and techniques. The reason for that is given in the aforementioned form. SATS are the gateway to your subconscious and if done right, you can move the mountains by using this particular technique. The power isn’t in the technique but in your ability to feel it real while in that state and because the resistance is gone when you enter state akin to sleep, feeling it real will be much easier than policing your thoughts or affirming 24/7. Feeling is what impresses the subconscious mind, after all, and getting to it is made easier by first entering the state akin to sleep. So, I’m not trying to “discriminate” those of you who use other techniques but I am going into this with the assumption that the people that are applying for this programme are complete beginners and SATS are the best technique for beginners with absolutely no experience in conscious manifesting, as well as those who have already manifested some things but still waver.

This is all for now! As I announced, the first episode of the podcast series Thinking Fourth Dimensionally is coming in a couple of days. The first episode in the series The Operant Power will follow soon after. I am very excited to connect with you guys again!

As always, manifest something lovely for yourself today!